Big offshore wind today. Stopped at a secret spot and shot most of these and while they are back lit, some are fun to see the offhsore wind and the size of waves these guys were towing into.

amoffshore_small.jpg pieroffshore_small.jpg amkepplh_small.jpg pescn1_small.jpg
pescn2_small.jpg tow1_small.jpg tow2_small.jpg tow3_small.jpg
tow4_small.jpg tow5_small.jpg tow6_small.jpg tow7_small.jpg
tow8_small.jpg tow9_small.jpg tow10_small.jpg tow11_small.jpg
tow12_small.jpg tow13_small.jpg tow14_small.jpg tow15_small.jpg
tow16_small.jpg tow17_small.jpg tow18_small.jpg

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